teaching at St Paul's

Here are a few sermons and talks we have recorded, to give you a flavour of the teaching at St Paul's.

Please note it can take a short time for the audio files to download and begin playing.

Hot potatoes

Reaching out to the gay community - Nick May 13th

When is it OK to tell doctor's to pull the plug - Simon June 17th

How to be celibate and sexual - Nick July 8th

Can you be a Christian and own a Ferrari? - Mike July 22nd

Cookbook Church

Free Sample church. The state of the UK church and the need to share our faith.

What are we about as a church. Our values and vision.

A Journey through John

The Woman at the Well - Nick April 17th

Knowing God - Nick July 20th.

How to build a loving church - Nick 31st Aug 

Our "Let's Get spiritual" Series

Let's Get spiritual - Nick Oct 19th

How to Hear God - Nick Oct 26th

Using the Gifts of the Spirit - Helen Nov 16th