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Alpha courses

Alpha is a non-pressurised way to explore the Christian faith. It is a place to share your thoughts and explore the meaning of life. The course is designed primarily for people who don’t go to church or who haven’t been to church in a long time and are interested in the Christian faith.

When is Alpha running?

Everyone has questions about life, about faith & about God. The alpha course is a great way to explore these questions in a fun, relaxed way.

A New alpha course starts 22nd February

The course runs over 9 Thursday evenings starting with a no-pressure welcome evening with food on  22nd February. It runs until 9th May (with a break around Easter). Everyone is welcome, there is no charge and no follow-up if you decide the course is not for you.

What does Alpha involve?

The course involves weekly sessions with a short talk as a conversation starter, then we split into small groups for open, honest discussion.


Alpha is a place where no subject is off-limits, no question is too silly, too difficult or too controversial.

We usually serve food and drinks at our Alpha courses (free of charge), which can be anything from nibbles to a full meal.


Please email us if you're interested in signing up to our Alpha course, to let us know you'd like to join the introductory session, or just to find out more.

The growth of Alpha worldwide

The Alpha Course spread during the 1990s, initially in the UK and then internationally, as more and more churches and groups found it a helpful and informal way to discuss questions about the Christian faith.

There are now over 55,000 courses worldwide in 169 countries. Alpha is supported by all the major denominations.

Color Fog
Youth Alpha

Alpha Youth is a series for kids in school years 7+ which explores life, faith and meaning. Each episode looks at a different question around faith, and is designed to create conversation. It is designed for anyone who has questions.

Next Course Being Planned

It's held in the Youth Room in the Crypt at St Paul's Church on Sunday afternoons 4.30pm - 6.00pm. Our first Youth Alpha course was an amazing success with over a dozen young people attending, including a brilliant weekend away at Viney Hall Adventure Centre.

The course is free. (Suggested donation of £30 towards the weekend away, however we would not want finance to prevent anyone from attending)

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