light the night

Hope, peace, remembrance, community

Light the Night was hosted at St Pauls Church in 2019 and is thought to be the first event of its kind in the UK. It was created in collaboration with George Grace, to give friends and family an opportunity for shared remembrance of loved ones past, in a place of unique calm, peace, hope and community. It is open to people of all faiths and none.

It was an incredibly beautiful and moving experience for all who attended, both those who simply enjoyed the visual spectacle and also those for whom the event carried a more profound and perhaps spiritual experience.

A chance to reflect

The idea is quite simple, however the experience can be quite moving. From early evening a the graveyard aroud the church is lit with thousands of candles and is open for anybody to drop by and walk, linger, perhaps light a candle and contemplate family and friends, past and present... the world, universe and beyond.

Although inspired by the religious traditions of All Saints Day, All Souls Day and Day of the Dead from other parts of the world, particularly Eastern Europe and South America, this simple ceremony is open to anyone of any religious or non-religiouis persuasion.


The first Light the Night took place in November 2019 at St Paul's church, Bristol. We will host the event again next year and hope other people and places might wish to do the same.

What people said

"To everyone who organised Light the Night. Thank you... it was beautiful... totally beautiful... my grandaughter lit candles and found a special place to put them with flowers for her mummy... so important for her to be able to do this in a very beautiful way..."

"What an amazing spectacle"

"This is so so beautiful ... and something everyone can get involved in"

"It was such a lovely event to be a part of, thank you to St Paul's church and all the volunteers who made it possible."

"It was a lovely event and it was a privilege to put candles on the grave of my great grandparents and great aunts."


"Lovely idea"