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Community Life

At St Paul's we try to enjoy life to the full. Sometimes we go away to festivals, sometimes the blokes get together for a night out, or a kick-about (or both!), there's a lively women's group, lots of stuff for the kids and plenty of opportunities to get together for food, fun and fellowship.


We hold all sorts of events at the church, and get together to go to see lots of great things too. There are barn dances, day trips, gigs & performances, trips, holidays & festivals - the list could go on and on!

Check out our Sunday Socials page for upcoming events


Here are some galleries and videos.


Blues Night in the Crypt

Nigel at the Garden Party BBQ

Tom at the Garden Party BBQ

Wassailing in local pubs at Christmas

The scripted (and unscripted) hilarity of the St Paul's Panto

Day trip - Communion on the beach
Church Holiday - Sidmouth, Devon
Festivals and Gigs

Church trip to Greenbelt music and arts festival

A slightly damp Greenbelt festival!

Matt Redman at Bath Forum

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