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In 2020, the churches of St Paul's and St Aldhelm's encouraged folks to add some festive sparkle to our 'Covid Christmas' with #BedminsterStreetAdvent, by creating a living Advent calendar on their streets!

How it works

First, you and your neighbours on your street need to each pick a date from 1-24 December. Then, on your date, decorate your front window with a Christmas theme – it can be anything you like, so long as it’s festive, and includes your chosen date.


Keep your window display up until 25 December. By Christmas Day, your street will have a complete living Advent calendar. Don’t forget to take a walk round the area to enjoy the living Advent calendars created by other Bemmie streets.


There’s no need to register your street, but do let us know on Facebook if you are taking part, and share your windows using #BedminsterStreetAdvent on social media.

Rev Nick Hay, vicar of St Aldhelms, Chessel Street and St Pauls, Coronation Road, explains, “Covid means that we won’t be able to welcome people into our churches to celebrate Christmas in the usual way. Candlelit carol services can’t happen, but we hope that #BedminsterStreetAdvent will light up the community.”
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