We are here to help those who may find themselves vulnerable and in need during the coronavirus outbreak.


As part of the 'BS3 Community Covid-19 Mutual Aid' response, this food bank has been set up specially to support individuals and families at this difficult time – we are all human, and we understand that any one of us could find ourselves struggling when we least expect it.

How to get help

The BS3 Community Larder operates as a referral service only. Please do not turn up at the food bank without a referral.


Referrals can be made through schools, health visitors, social workers, your doctor etc. Please contact the most likely referral agency for you, or send a request for help using the link below and we will suggest the best way for you to get a referral.


There is a ‘Request help’ online form on the BS3 Covid-19 Mutual Response Facebook Group.

Please do not turn up at the food bank without a referral – due to health control social distancing you will be putting yourself and our volunteers at risk of infection, and you will be turned away. Please instead request a referral, as above.

Remember that you can help to keep your community safe by asking for help from neighbours and friends if you are self-isolating. By doing this we can ensure we protect those individuals and families who are vulnerable and at risk.

Donate Items to Help Others

If you would like to donate items for the food bank, we would love to receive the following (please ensure items are within their use-by/sell-by dates).

Yes please!

  • Tinned fruit, vegetables, and pulses

  • Pasta, Rice, couscous

  • Tinned meat, fish, and meals

  • Pasta or curry sauces and soups

  • Long life milk and dairy alternatives

  • Cereals, long life breads

  • Tea, coffee, fruit juice and squash

  • Breakfast spreads

  • Cooking oil

Yes please icon
  • Toilet Paper

  • Toothpaste

  • Soap

  • Washing Powder

  • Washing Up Liquid

  • Surface Sprays

  • Sanitary Products

  • Baby Nappies

No thanks!

  • Homemade food

  • Food that has expired

  • Items without labels

  • Items needing refrigerating

  • Items that have been opened

  • Medications

  • Razors or sharp objects

  • Alcohol or fizzy drinks

No thas

Where to donate

We’ll be welcoming donations at: St Paul’s Church, Southville Road, BS3 1DG

Monday 9.30am-12:30pm or

Thursday 9.30am-12:30pm.


All donations are greatly appreciated, and we thank you for your support.


Victoria Park Baptist Church, BS3 5DA, also offers a Trussell Trust food bank and would like to receive donations.


Please contact them directly on vpbc.foodbank@gmail.com for more details.

Please note: To ensure this ministry can be sustained and for the protection of all volunteers and those we are seeking to help, it is paramount volunteers are fully observing the latest Government guidelines on Social Distancing, Personal Hygiene, and Shielding.

Could you volunteer?

If you would like to support the BS3 Community Larder and could offer some time to keep it running please complete the volunteering form below.